What is next for the Big Three?

29 Jul 2021
6 months after the release of the next-gen consoles, and hot off the heels of E3, Jon & Alex discuss what has gone well for Microsoft, Sony & Nintendo – and what could be coming in the future.

Loki & Black Widow

15 Jul 2021
After a Marvel-heavy weekend, the crew share their thoughts on the Loki TV series and the Black Widow movie.

What are you reading?

1 Jul 2021
The team share their favourite 2021 reads so far.

What are you playing?

17 Jun 2021
The team share their favourite games that they have been enjoying over the past few months.

What are you streaming?

3 Jun 2021
The UK-based telly addicts share their thoughts on what they’ve been watching on streaming services big and small. Mainstream services: Disney+ Amazon Prime HBO Max Netflix YouTube Apple TV+ Sky Box Sets/On Demand BritBox Niche services: Curiosity Stream Nebula floatplane Crunchyroll Film recommendations: Love and Monsters Mitchells Vs the Machines Let Him Go The film with fat Russell Crowe where he is a psychopath chasing that poor woman TV recommendations: The Irregulars The Expanse For All Mankind Shadow and Bone The Invincibles Corridor Digital Youtube Channel (X-Files) Dust (Youtube) Unforgotten El Inocente Bitter Daisies Superstore The Good Place The Rookie Anticipated series: Locke and Key Foundation The Wicked + The Divine Love Death + Robots S2 Kenobi Quiet Place II She-Hulk

Should I buy an EV in 2021?

20 May 2021
The intrepid UK-based team move onto a different topic that’s close to their heart – Electric Cars (or EVs for short). With three electric owners within the team, they discuss the pros and cons of going fully electric. Links: Compare real-world EV ranges ev-database.org EV Experience Centre Drive Electric Alex’s recommended cars: Renault Zoe MG ZS EV Tesla Model 3 Kia E-Niro Polestar 2 John’s interesting cars: Mercedes EQS VW Campervan (ID.Buzz) Peugeot e-208 Jaguar i-Pace Hyundai IONIQ 5

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

6 May 2021
The intrepid UK-based team share their thoughts on the latest Disney+ streaming series – The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. As massive Marvel fans, expect some critical but positive praise, as well as our thoughts on where this takes the MCU going forward.

The #WeinerCut – Jack Snyder’s Justice League

22 Apr 2021
New place, same old faces – the intrepid crew of UK based geeks start by tackling a recent streaming/VoD release – Jack Snyder’s Justice League. Expect some pros and cons (it’s not perfect) – then let us know your thoughts!

Welcome to Play Pause Turn

8 Apr 2021
Welcome to our new podcast! If you haven’t heard from us before, our UK-based hosts are TV, movie and comic book geeks through and through – and we share our thoughts on latest releases, old favourites and interesting topics every fortnight. Take a listen to a snippet of some good bits, and if you like what you hear, please subscribe!
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