The Batman (only wears his suit at night)

31 Mar 2022
It’s almost a full-house for our review of The Batman, Matt Reeves take on our titular superhero who keeps being reborn in ever darker guises.

Let’s Go (Almost) West

7 Mar 2022
Jon & Alex talk through the newly released PlayStation-exclusive Horizon Forbidden West – without spoilers, mainly as it’s a massive game and we’re not finished yet! 

Game On

12 Feb 2022
Jon, Bobby & Alex talk through their current favourite games and their hopes for gaming in 2022. Expect lots of talk about well-known favourites, upcoming games — and FIFA.

The Expanse exposition

26 Jan 2022
Jon & Alex talk through one of their favourite sci-fi series – The Expanse – which came to an epic conclusion this month. Are they Belters or Inners?!

Spider-Man: No Way Home vs Matrix Revolutions

10 Jan 2022
The team share their thoughts on two different films: one is an action-packed exploration on the world around us & our impact on loved ones in an increasingly digital world. And Matrix Revolutions. 😉

Ghostbusters Afterlife

2 Dec 2021
Mark, Bobby, Amy & Alex share their loves and hates of the latest supernatural installment of Ghostbusters – Ghostbusters Afterlife.

This Film Is Rated Eternal

18 Nov 2021
Jon & Alex dissect the latest Marvel blockbuster – Eternals – to navigate their 7,000 year history of guiding the human race. They also discuss where this new installment will take the MCU next.

No Time To Play Pause Turn

4 Nov 2021
It’s almost a full-house with Jon, Bobby, Mark & Alex having seen the latest (and potentially final) James Bond blockbuster in the cinemas.

Play Pause Spawn

21 Oct 2021
Jon & Alex return to the topic of gaming and give our thoughts on what they have recently played on all the consoles. We also share our hopes for upcoming releases in 2021 and beyond.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of Ten Rings

7 Oct 2021
Mark, Jon and Alex review the latest Marvel masterpiece – Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings – and are plesantly surprised!
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