Return of the King

20 Sep 2022
We’re back and normal service resumes! Bobby, Alex & Jon regroup after a summer hiatus to share what they have been watching and playing over the summer, as well as sharing anecdotes with a royal connection.

Thor: Love and Blunder

19 Jul 2022
The new Thor film is here! Is Thor a winner or a loser in the battle for Jane’s affections and the fates of the Gods? Jon and Alex put their Thor helmets on and give their verdict on Taika Waititi’s follow-up to Thor Ragnorok.

Hello There - Obi-Wan Kenobi

6 Jul 2022
The intrepid council of Play Pause Turn elders, give their verdict on the latest addition to Star Wars canon - Obi-Wan Kenobi on Disney+.

WWDC we're having a smashing time

15 Jun 2022
Jon (Apple fan) & Alex (Apple critic) digest and enthuse about the latest announcements from Apple including new laptops, updates to iOS/iPad OS and Mac OS and what this means for the future.

Star Wars: The Colon Wars

2 Jun 2022
The gang join forces to share their thoughts on the avalanche of announcements at Star Wars Celebration 2022, as well as their initial thoughts on Obi-Wan.

Doctor Strange 2 - Marvel Madness

The team have watched the latest Marvel blockbuster - Doctor Strange 2: the Multiverse of Madness (some several times) and regroup to give our considered opinion and analysis. Expect (spoiler-filled) talk of stellar performances, comic origins, epic cameos & future marvel plans. Let’s go!

Doctor Strange 2 - post-film first impressions (SPOILERS)

Most of the crew went to Odeon Leicester Square for Doctor Strange 2: the Multiverse of Madness for opening weekend. Listen to our Spoiler-filled immediate thoughts.

The Batman (only wears his suit at night)

31 Mar 2022
It’s almost a full-house for our review of The Batman, Matt Reeves take on our titular superhero who keeps being reborn in ever darker guises.

Let’s Go (Almost) West

7 Mar 2022
Jon & Alex talk through the newly released PlayStation-exclusive Horizon Forbidden West – without spoilers, mainly as it’s a massive game and we’re not finished yet! 

Game On

12 Feb 2022
Jon, Bobby & Alex talk through their current favourite games and their hopes for gaming in 2022. Expect lots of talk about well-known favourites, upcoming games — and FIFA.
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