6 Apr 2023
Bobby, Amy, Jon and Alex regroup to talk through the stunning The Last of Us series. Spoilers throughout, but no swearing or gratuitous violence here.

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania

28 Feb 2023
The team are back and ready for action! We pull-apart the third film in the series and the first Phase Five film of the MCU.

Andor and Avatar 2 First Impressions

22 Dec 2022
Jon and Alex delve into the web of intrigue, action and the Empire in the sleeper-hit of Andor. We also share early spoiler-free thoughts on Avatar: The Way of Water - to help you decide whether to take the plunge.

Wakanda Forever

4 Dec 2022
The team give their thoughts on Marvel’s touching Black Panther sequel.

I got two words for ya - Apple, Samsung!

3 Nov 2022
It’s time for a long-time grudge-match between the two titans of tech: Apple & Samsung! Jon & Alex go in-depth about their loves and frustrations for each platform and their recent releases. Get your hot dogs and drinks ready, it’s gonna be a long one!

Disney D23 roundup - to 2023 and beyond!

28 Oct 2022
Amy, Jon & Alex join to discuss the announcements that come with this year’s Disney’s D23 conference and what they might mean for the Disney, Marvel & Star Wars universes.

From the archives: Holiday Gadgets

27 Sep 2022
While we were digging through our treasure trove of recordings, we found an unaired episode! A little later than intended (the weather has already changed!), enjoy our suggestions for keeping up with watching, reading and playing whilst away from home.

Return of the King

20 Sep 2022
We’re back and normal service resumes! Bobby, Alex & Jon regroup after a summer hiatus to share what they have been watching and playing over the summer, as well as sharing anecdotes with a royal connection.

Thor: Love and Blunder

19 Jul 2022
The new Thor film is here! Is Thor a winner or a loser in the battle for Jane’s affections and the fates of the Gods? Jon and Alex put their Thor helmets on and give their verdict on Taika Waititi’s follow-up to Thor Ragnorok.

Hello There - Obi-Wan Kenobi

6 Jul 2022
The intrepid council of Play Pause Turn elders, give their verdict on the latest addition to Star Wars canon - Obi-Wan Kenobi on Disney+.
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